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Unlocking trust in your Inspections through metadata validations

KYPiT, your KYP solution, serves as an AI layer positioned above a Visualogyx report, verifying data accuracy and detecting fraudulent activities. By examining over 20 distinct product and process indicators, it establishes a secure authentication layer to safeguard your inspections and audits from tampering.

  • Authentication of Images
  • Validation of Geolocation
  • Verification of Third-party Inspectors
  • Integrity Check of Web Footprint

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KYPiT at Work

Exploring Real-World Applications

Securing Supply Chain Authenticity

In a complex global supply chain, companies can employ KYPiT Authentication to verify the authenticity of product assets uploaded by inspectors or suppliers. This ensures that product integrity is upheld throughout the entire supply chain, reducing the risk of misrepresentations or counterfeit items.

Fortifying Collateral Assessment Against Fraud

In sectors such as real estate or financial services, collateral authentication plays a crucial role in verifying the authenticity of assets submitted by clients or partners. Particularly in asset-based lending, harnessing advanced technology is essential to effectively combat collateral fraud. Visualogyx's KYPiT provides robust verification features, fortifying your collateral assessment process and safeguarding against fraud.

Trustworthy Third-Party Inspections

Third-party Inspector Verification can be employed in industries where third-party inspectors assess product or service quality. By utilizing this feature, companies can validate inspectors, ensuring that inspections are conducted by authorized and reliable individuals on location. KYPiT provides a robust solution to bolster inspection authenticity and maintain trust throughout the process.

Regulatory & Compliance Assurance

Industries with compliance requirements often require data verification. Third-party Inspector Verification and location checks are applicable in areas like food safety inspections, environmental assessments, or workplace safety audits, where inspectors must meet specific qualifications and certifications to ensure regulatory compliance. Train your workforce on KYPiT to implement the value of Knowing Your Product in your processes.

How to Access KYPiT

Gain access to the powerful capabilities of KYPiT exclusively as an Enterprise user through seamless integration with the Visualogyx inspection and audits management platform. 

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