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Complete Mining Inspections with Precision & Safety

Safeguard Operations with Comprehensive Field Exams and Environmental Audits.

Optimizing Mining Operations

Visualogyx empowers mining professionals with a multitude of benefits to help address the unique challenges of the mining industry.

Safety & Risk Management

Enhance monitoring of safety protocols, track regulatory compliance, and identify potential hazards for enhanced safety in your operations.

Equipment Maintenance

Streamline equipment maintenance by scheduling recurrent inspections, reducing downtime, and optimizing equipment utilization.

Record Keeping

Streamline access to data and maintain organized, retrievable, and auditable digital records for efficiency and accountability.

Operational Efficiency & Productivity

Conduct data-driven inspections and oversee third-party audits, enhancing institutional visibility into operational processes. 

Compliance & Audit Management

Streamline industry compliance with digital software. Automate audit prep, maintain records, and enable data-driven reporting for efficient audits and inspections.

Environmental & Sustainability

Capture environmental parameters to align your business operations with demonstrable sustainability standards.


Embark on a journey to transform your mining operations.

Visualogyx inspection and audit software is designed to assist you in conducting regular digital site inspections, enhancing efficiency while supporting your safety and facility health objectives.

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