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An auditor using a tablet to capture a video within an inspection app focusing on a specific area of a large, industrial warehouse filled with metal shelving units.

Improve Underwriting Operations with Better Audits and Field Examinations

Optimize field exams and inspection processes with Visualogyx, enabling more efficient authentication of vulnerable assets.

Reduce Operational Risk with KYPiT Authentication

Our KYPiT authentication layer identifies potential fraud risks and discrepancies during inspections.

Increase Visibility in Your Virtual Field Exams

Achieve a unified, trustworthy data source for your collateral and field exams backed by KYPiT's authentication technology.

Transform Your Financial Services with Digital Inspections

Eliminate paper trails and manual validations, significantly lowering operational costs .

How It Works


Utilizing Visualogyx's inspection-sharing functionality, your team can assign predefined forms to field inspectors, final clients, or third-party auditors.


The assigned party is notified when an inspection is ready for them. They follow instructions and upload the requested asset data using the Visualogyx mobile app.


After inspections, our KYPiT authentication layer detects metadata discrepancies, enhancing asset authentication and fraud prevention.

Who We Serve

Visualogyx is dedicated to helping a wide range of business cases and functions within the financial services industry by providing a solution to asset and collateral inspections.



Cloud-Based Collateral & Asset Verification Software

Visualogyx is transforming how financial institutions conduct Collateral and Asset Validations. Similar to how firms rely on "Know Your Customer" (KYC) protocols, our KYPiT authentication layer allows you to "Know Your Product" by collecting and authenticating data evidence during field exams.

Inspections with Metadata Cognition and Analysis

Unlocking Trust in Your Assets and Collateral Validations

KYPiT, an AI layer positioned above a Visualogyx report aids in verifying inspection metadata and detecting potential discrepancies or fraudulent activities.

Image Metadata Authentication

Image metadata such as location, source, and timestamps are cross-checked with inspections.


Assigned inspections can be allocated to specific locations and cross-referenced with inspection metadata.

Examiner or inspector Verification

Information about users who engage with the field exam, such as their email and mobile number, is authenticated.

Web integrity Check

Web information, such as domains and IPs interacting with the inspection, undergoes validation.

The Visualogyx™ Blog

Unlocking a World of Better Inspections and Verifications