Our Story

An otherwise normal day ended in thousands of dollars in insurance claims for a client. We were asked how off-the-shelf smartphones and the cloud could help us establish a single version of the truth. Months later, the satisfaction of one-click real-time reporting for supply chain event trees was in sight. The solution became Visualogyx, a simple yet potent ecosystem to automate report generation of noteworthy observations.

We solved for heavy industry first. This means you get the same digital durability we used to forge and distribute steel and energy worldwide. Today, Visualogyx has found utility in new areas we are proud of, including real estate inspections, pharmacies and more.

But that’s not all. Visualogyx is innovating the way field agents work through machine learning. Stay tuned for updates that are sure to maximize your return on investment.

Visualogyx cares for the environment

We set aggressive carbon footprint offset targets, and fueled this passion into our technology.
Today, Visualogyx jobs leave our field agents flying fewer hours with more time spent where it counts.