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About Us

Welcome to Visualogyx™, Inc., your trusted partner revolutionizing the world of inspection, chain of custody, collateral checks, and product identity management. 

At Visualogyx™, we’ve harnessed the expertise of seasoned supply chain professionals to conceptualize and craft a solution that addresses the shortcomings of traditional inspection and verification tools.

Established in 2018, Visualogyx emerged with a vision to enhance the speed, reliability, and collaboration of information exchange between field personnel and office teams. Our driving force is reducing process friction, amplifying information flow, and harnessing the potential of metadata-enriched media and configurable workflows to capture every detail of business operational events through a comprehensive toolkit that elevates operations and decision-making.

The Visualogyx™ Inspection and Verification Platform empowers users to verify and trust that every step of business workflows and processes is accurately executed. We’ve coined this approach Verify, then Trust™, setting a new standard for transparency and integrity in inspection management.

We’re shaping a future where verification breeds trust, and technology empowers reliability.

Our Mission

Why we are here

“To empower transparency,

inspire integrity,

and outsmart fraud.”

Product Pillars

Visualogyxis a perfect blend of power and simplicity

The Visualogyx inspection platform enhances traceability and visibility by allowing teams to capture relevant information from different sources worldwide and then organize and report findings with a single click. Its proprietary and patent-pending solution, KYPIT™, fuses metadata to inspections, creating unprecedented transparency in business verification workflows.

Scalable & Secure

We develop products that scale securely alongside our clients. Our platform's configurability caters seamlessly to small teams and large enterprises, underlining our commitment to scalable tech architecture.

User-Driven Design

At Visualogyx, we harness cutting-edge technology and employ top-tier design-driven software development practices to furnish our users with an intuitive and time-efficient user interface.

Mobile First

Visualogyx specializes in crafting mobile-first and cloud-based solutions, catering to our customers' demand for paperless, on-the-go, and ubiquitous data capture and storage solutions.

For further information about our company, please reach out to us here.