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Visualogyx™ Product Updates & Release Notes

Introducing Inspection Workflows!

We’re excited to introduce our latest enterprise-level feature: Workflows!

Workflows empower you to streamline your inspection processes by defining steps and assigning role-based permissions. Our enhanced Template Builder lets you set page-level access and visibility, ensuring the right team members see what they need. You can now add action buttons within inspection templates to submit and lock data, track progress, and automatically notify users in the workflow.

Experience the next evolution in inspection design with Workflows, perfectly tailored to your unique process needs.

*Workflows is a premium feature. Please contact us to get your Visualogyx organization enabled and take your inspection process to the next level!

Introducing ‘Custom Sets

  • Create and manage reusable lists in the platform.
  • Use these lists in multiple forms for drop-down and multiple-choice questions.
  • Streamline management of lists of items in a global way across the entire Visualogyx platform.

Media/File Template Control

We have extended the Media capture control functionality in our templates. You can now upload files and documents as evidence while filling out templates and conducting your inspections, in addition to photos and videos.

Fixes and performance improvements to optimize the stability and user experience of the Visualogyx platform.

Single Sign-On Support
We are pleased to announce the launch of Single Sign-On (SSO) support. Enterprise clients can now log in to the Visualogyx platform using Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) or request other preferred authentication methods. This update simplifies the login process, enhances security, and helps maintain internal security policies.

If you want to request SSO to be enabled for your organization, please contact our support team.

We extended the ability to upload documents using the ‘Files’ tab in inspections by including emails as a document type.

Fixes and performance improvements to optimize the stability and user experience of the Visualogyx platform.

Enhanced Login and Onboarding Experience
We improved the login and sign-up experience to our app introducing the ability to log in with a code and streamlining access to assigned inspections.

New ‘Tasks’ Feature
We’re excited to unveil “Tasks,” a new feature designed to simplify the scheduling and assignment of tasks such as inspections, work orders, and field examinations, enhancing teamwork and organizational efficiency.

New Public API Capabilities
We’re excited to announce the launch of the new version of our Public API equipped with enhanced features to elevate integrations with external applications and systems:

  • Create and Pre-fill Inspections: Set up and pre-fill inspections directly via API.
  • Assign Inspections: Easily assign inspections to external third parties through the API.
  • Get Inspection PDF Reports: Access PDF reports of your inspections, including KYPiT results, via API.
  • Webhooks: Receive real-time notifications on inspection status changes.

For more details on integrating these features, visit or contact us at for guidance.

Fixes and performance improvements to optimize the stability and user experience of the Visualogyx platform.

We added new filter options, including a date picker, to our web application’s inspections and projects list page and increased pagination to ten items per page for better user navigation and efficiency.

We enhanced the ability to specify multiple locations for inspections and projects. This improves evidence and geolocation validation (KYPiT) for field examinations, inspections, and audits across diverse sites.

We introduced customizable PDF naming for downloads, offering a default, user-friendly report title for immediate use.

We enhanced the text capture in inspection notes and instruction controls to allow and support line breaks in reports.

Fixes and performance improvements to optimize the stability and user experience of the Visualogyx platform.

Introducing Resharing capabilities

In Visualogyx users can extend inspection collaboration beyond a core team by inviting external users, such as third-party inspectors or field examiners, directly into the inspection workflow.

Our latest update allows these external users to re-share or delegate inspections, offering increased flexibility and extended reach in inspection management.

When an inspection is shared, users will now find a ‘Re-share’ option that when ON enables further sharing.

We improved the “Locate Me” and “Check-In” features for setting inspection geolocation to use precise location services and avoid using cached locations.

We improved the KYPiT analytics domain validation rules to account for sharing inspections with external users.

We enhanced our Barcode/QR code reader technology for better detection.

Fixes and performance improvements to optimize the stability and user experience of the Visualogyx platform.

Data Security & Privacy Updates  

SOC2 Type 2 Certification Achievement

We are excited to share a significant milestone in our commitment to data security and privacy: Visualogyx has successfully achieved the SOC2 Type 2 Certification. This prestigious certification is a testament to our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in data security.

The SOC2 Type 2 framework rigorously evaluates various aspects of our operations, including physical and technical safeguards. By meeting these stringent criteria, we ensure an enhanced level of protection for all data entrusted to us.

What This Means for You:

  • Enhanced Trust: Rest assured that your data is managed in a secure, reliable environment.
  • Robust Data Integrity: Our systems are designed to maintain the accuracy and consistency of your data.
  • Confidentiality and Availability: We prioritize the confidentiality of your information and ensure it is readily available when needed.

This achievement is not just a certification; it’s a reflection of our unwavering commitment to protecting our clients’ data and providing a service you can trust.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to elevate our standards and deliver excellence in data security and privacy.

Enhanced Shared Inspection Email Search

New “Shared” Filter
Prominently placed at the top of the inspections list, this new filter and search control allows you to find inspections shared via email quickly.

Shared Inspection Icon Tooltip
Each shared inspection now features a distinct icon. Clicking on this icon reveals a tooltip with information about the emails associated with that inspection.

Improved Font Style for Enhanced Visibility

We’ve upgraded the font style in some inspection template controls. This change significantly enhances the readability and contrast of questions and answers in the platform and enhances the experience when conducting inspections.

Fixes and performance improvements to optimize the stability and user experience of the Visualogyx platform.

Visualogyx API V1
This month, we are very excited to announce the launch of our Visualogyx Public API.

The Visualogyx API is a game-changer for seamless integration and data analytics. It allows an enterprise development team to sync a Visualogyx account with existing enterprise systems like ERPs and CRMs, eliminating data blind spots. Plus, you can build custom dashboards tailored to your KPIs by feeding data into your favorite analytics tools such as Metabase or PowerBI. And if that’s not enough, you can also develop bespoke applications to create unique business solutions that ramp up your team’s productivity. It’s all about providing businesses more control, visibility, and efficiency. 

📚 API Docs: For the nitty-gritty, head to our documentation.

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions. 🚀

We are pleased to announce the release of two new features this month, aligning with our guiding principle of ‘Verify then Trust.’ With this update, when creating templates, you now have the ability to require users to upload content exclusively via the Visualogyx camera within the mobile app. Additionally, we’ve introduced source information for uploaded inspection photos, enhancing their verification.

These enhancements empower you to maintain vigilant oversight over how designated users upload photos to inspections, whether they are part of your team or third-party assessors. This ensures that all inspection photos are captured using the Visualogyx app camera and undergo thorough verification through our KYPit extra layer of checks for location, authenticity, source, and more.

We’ve added a template-level option to disable mobile file uploads.

When selected, users won’t be able to upload files from their mobile gallery photos in the ‘Files’ section of inspections. To access this option, click the information icon at the top right in the template builder.”

When capturing pictures during an inspection, we now include source information within the picture’s details.

This information reveals the app used for uploading the picture (Web App, iOS app, or Android app) and the device’s operating system (OS) version. To access this information, navigate to the ‘Files’ section of an inspection, select a picture, and click on the information icon at the top right of the preview.

New “Custom Reference ID” field in inspections

We’ve added a “Custom Reference ID” field to inspections for improved internal tracking and enhanced integration with external systems, work orders, or workflows. The ID is included in inspection reports (PDFs) and real-time activity report emails when used.

We released bug fixes and performance improvements to optimize the stability and user experience of the Visualogyx platform.

In August, we introduced a powerful new feature to our inspection management platform: Reminders for Inspection Assignments. With this enhancement, you can now configure reminder notifications to ensure that assignees stay on track and complete their inspections on time. This feature aims to streamline your inspection workflow and improve efficiency by providing timely reminders for task completion.

We added a new feature that allows setting email reminders for the inspection assignee until the inspection is marked as completed.

We added options in Organization settings to configure email reminders to third-party inspection assignees.

Roles for sharing inspections have been expanded, granting more flexibility in engaging with your team members and third-party inspectors. You now have the ability to assign three distinct roles:

  • Viewers
    This role allows individuals to access inspection details without making any modifications. It’s perfect for those who need to review information.
  • Collaborators
    Collaborators possess the capability to make edits and updates to inspections. This role suits those who actively contribute to inspection data.
  • Assignees
    Assignees are responsible for completing inspections. With this role, you can ensure that designated individuals are reminded to complete the shared inspections and mark them as completed.

This expanded role framework empowers Visualogyx users to fine-tune access and responsibilities according to the needs of their team and collaborators.

We rolled out minor bug fixes and performance improvements to optimize the stability and user experience within the Visualogyx platform.

In July, we rolled out significant improvements to the sharing functionality in Visualogyx, enhancing the seamless and efficient assignment of inspections to third parties or external collaborators. Additionally, we introduced a new feature to prevent third-party inspectors from uploading images directly from their phone galleries instead of using the Visualogyx app. This new capability ensures that enterprise customers can enforce the validation of inspections by KYPiT, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the inspection data.

We’ve added a setting at the template media control level to disallow image uploads from the phone gallery. This ensures data integrity and adherence to inspection protocols, including the requirement for images to be captured through the Visualogyx app. 

Introduced the ability to resend invitation emails for shared Inspections and Projects, promoting better collaboration and engagement with third-party collaborators.

Enabled the option to copy Inspection and Project links (URLs), facilitating easy sharing and collaboration through SMS or chat.

Conducted minor bug fixes and performance improvements to optimize the stability and user experience within Visualogyx.

We are excited to introduce swipe gestures, a new feature that allows users to browse through images with ease, providing a more intuitive and seamless experience.

Fixes and various miscellaneous improvements to enhance overall functionality and performance.

This month we have introduced two enhancements in Visualogyx that provide users with enhanced visibility and real-time updates on platform activity. These features are designed to keep users engaged and informed about the activities happening within the Visualogyx platform

We introduced a Real-time Inspection Report feature. Now, you can receive instant PDF reports via email when inspections are marked as completed in Visualogyx teams, enabling them to stay updated on inspection results in realtime.

Furthermore, we have made improvements to the Daily Activity Report settings. You can now request PDF attachments of the reports in your emails, providing a comprehensive overview of daily activities and enhancing the accessibility and convenience of the reports.

Other miscellaneous fixes and improvements that make a smoother and more seamless experience.

We’ve launched three highly requested features this month. Landscape mode on our mobile app, scheduled daily activity reports, and the ability to adjust the watermark placement on photos. These features provide a better user experience, improved activity tracking, and greater control over visual appearance. We continue our commitment to improving our platform and meeting the needs of our users.

We released landscape mode for our iOS and Android apps, which will significantly enhance the experience for our users filling in or viewing data on the go.

We have added the ability to schedule a daily activity report, providing our users a convenient way to keep track of their team’s daily inspection activity. Users can set specific times and days of the week to receive the report via email.

We added new settings to adjust the watermark placement on photos captured with our mobile app, giving users greater control over the visual appearance of their photos.

Users can now create a new organization directly from our mobile app, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

We increased the limit for uploading images to inspections and projects from files.

Other miscellaneous fixes and improvements that make a smoother and more seamless experience.

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance user experience, we have revamped the “Settings” functionality on our web and mobile platforms. The new design is aimed at improving navigation and making it easier to manage users within organizations and teams. We are confident that these changes will make it simpler and more efficient for our users to access the settings they need to customize their accounts and manage their teams.

Improved “Settings” management on the web and mobile applications
Previously, users had to navigate to different locations to view and manage settings for organizations and teams. With our latest update, users can now access and manage all settings in one place, making it much more efficient and user-friendly. This update applies to all web, Android, and Apple applications.

Redesigned Settings screen in the mobile application 
Centralized Settings in the web application
Enhanced the Settings screen in the web application 

Other Improvements and Fixes

Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.

This month we significantly improved the Visualogyx platform’s usability and completeness. We implemented the ability to view and manage your team’s templates in our mobile apps. We have incorporated this feature into our mobile apps as part of our commitment to providing a seamless experience across all our applications. This update enhances user experience and provides a more comprehensive solution for Visualogyx users.

View and manage Visualogyx inspection templates in Visualogyx
Previously, viewing and managing templates was only accessible on the web version of our platform. With this update, users can now access and manage their team’s templates from anywhere, at any time, and from any device.

Templates in Teams Menu
Just like in the web application, team templates will appear in your team’s menu on mobile.
Templates List for Teams
 You can now easily find on mobile the list of templates within your team.
Template Preview
You can now easily access and view your team’s templates on the Visualogyx mobile app.

Other Improvements and Fixes

Addressed an issue in which viewing and closing a photo on a blank inspection was sometimes changing the order of the inspection.

Addressed an issue when duplicating a template control in which the clone would sometimes not be added right below the source control.

Addressed an issue in which tapping on an image in a template-based inspection was sometimes not opening the image as expected 

Solved an issue with sometimes being unable to remove or change the picture on a profile.

Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.

This month we are introducing the Visualogyx Public Template Library: discover predefined inspection templates to download and customize, with contributions from fellow Visualogyx users and the Visualogyx team. We also improved the first-time user experience with a step-by-step “Getting Started” guide.

Released the Visualogyx Public Template Library. Full integration with our web and mobile apps to seamlessly discover, import, and customize predefined inspection templates.

Added a “Getting Started” page on startup for new users, a step-by-step guide on how to get started with Visualogyx.

Added a new Help section with access to resources such as Tutorials, What’s New, Support, and Give Feedback.

Organization size is now being captured during the signup process to provide a more customized experience.

Improved the synch logic for our iOS and Android mobile apps.

Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.

This month we added the ability to preview documents inside our mobile app, improved the syncing performance, and released multiple fixes and improvements reported by our users.

Added the ability to preview documents on our iOS and Android mobile apps.

Improved user Email validation robustness on Android, iOS and web platforms.

The responsiveness of the icon (arrow) that expands the menu to switch capture mode on a blank inspection was improved.

Improved the performance of loading projects with a large number of inspections for iOS, Android and web platforms.

Addressed an issue with Barcode detection in our iOS mobile app.

Fixed an issue with some numeric fields not showing Zeros but blanks in inspection reports.

This month we added the ability to manage Organization settings for our iOS and Android mobile apps. We also enhanced the ability to sign up and switch pricing plans, and we addressed miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Added the ability to manage Organization settings, including changing the name of the organization, updating the logo, and managing users for our iOS and Android mobile apps.

Improved the user experience with plan selecting and switching when onboarding and when a free trial expires.

Addressed an issue in which our users were not able to enter negative signs in numeric fields on iOS and Android devices.

Addressed an issue with the Android app shutting down when sharing a document.

Other fixes and miscellaneous improvements reported by users were released.

This month we added the concept of an Organization, which adds flexibility to the Visualogyx platform to be set up for just one user or large companies with multiple organizations and teams. We also introduced new Pricing Plans and addressed miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Introduced the concept of “Organization” as the highest hierarchical level in the platform. Users can now create multiple Organizations and multiple Teams under those.

Improved our plans and billing. Users can sign up for a Professional Plan free trial for 30 days or an Enterprise Plan during their onboarding.

Introduced an option to allow users to delete their accounts.

Other fixes and miscellaneous improvements reported by users were released.

This month, we revamped our “Projects” functionality. You can now group multiple related inspections under a project, enabling users with multiple users and teams to collaborate more effectively. You can also invite third-party users to view and collaborate on projects. As usual, we also continue addressing issues reported by users and launching miscellaneous performance improvements.

Added the ability for users to attach existing inspections to projects.

Added the ability for users to attach multiple projects to one inspection.

Other fixes and miscellaneous improvements reported by users were released.

This month we added the ability to upload media and documents from Files. We also released multiple issues and improvements reported by users on all our platforms.

Added the ability to upload to Visualogyx media assets and documents from Files in your device or desktop.

Other fixes and miscellaneous improvements reported by users were released.

This month we enhanced our support for tablet devices. We also introduced the ability to share inspections and projects with external users. Finally, we addressed multiple issues reported by our users.

Released the ability for our users to share Inspections and Projects with external users enabling Visualogyx users to work more productively and collaborate with third-party teams.

Enhanced our support for Android tablets and Apple iPad devices.

Other fixes and miscellaneous improvements reported by users were released.

Welcome to Visualogyx 2.0. This month we launched a complete app redesign with an intuitive user interface and improved functionality.

The main functionality of our apps now includes the ability to create inspections based on Templates. Templates can include text, videos, restricted fields, digital signatures, voice dictation, drop-down, calendars, numeric fields, and many more data types. Users can create inspections by filling out their templates or gathering multi-media evidence. The app also allows to organize multiple related inspections under Project structures. Users can create and share professionally branded reports of inspections.

Introduced a complete redesign of our user interfaces for all our applications (iOS, Android, and Web).

Other fixes and miscellaneous improvements reported by users were released.

We introduced some access to the photo gallery on your devices, and we improved camera performance in the mobile apps. As usual multiple reported issues were addressed.

Introduced limited access to photo galleries in iOS and Android apps.

The performance of the camera in mobile apps was improved.

Improved the camera in preview while capturing photos or video.

Other fixes and miscellaneous improvements reported by users were released.

This month we released the ability to mark a field as a required field when creating an inspection template. We also addressed miscellaneous issues reported by our users and improved the performance of the camera in the mobile apps.

Ability to mark the field as required in a template.

The performance of the camera in mobile apps was improved.

Other fixes and miscellaneous improvements reported by users were released.

We improved in this release the performance of our Instacount (COUNTiT) functionality that allows you to point your camera at objects to count and report on your inventory quickly. We also improved the status indication when syncing items to the cloud and addressed other issues reported by our users.

Improved the performance of Instacount that allows to count items with a mobile device camera.

Improved the status indication when syncing items.

Other fixes and miscellaneous improvements reported by users were released.

In this release, we introduced Settings options for teams. We also improved the menu picker when an inspection is performed and users want to add their current location. We also improved de Instacount (COUNTiT) camera, and we released miscellaneous fixes and performance improvements.

Introduced Settings for Visualogyx teams.

Improved the performance of the Instacount camera that allows counting items by pointing with a mobile camera.

Improved the location picker functionality to capture location on inspections.

Other fixes and miscellaneous improvements reported by users were released.