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Digital Inspection Auditing & Verification Software

A complete set of powerful features to automate your workflows and take inspection management to the next level.


Design Custom Templates

Design your powerful form templates with our intuitive drag-and-drop template builder and share them with your teams. 


Collect Data

Capture text, photos, videos, barcodes, and many more multimedia data types on the go, with or without Internet connectivity. 


Share Reports

Immediately after a job, share professionally- branded PDF reports of your inspections with other users.


Capture Multimedia Evidence

Visualogyx is designed to capture data efficiently on the go while performing free-form data gathering or by running inspections, quality control, or validation processes. Data can be captured on or offline on mobile devices in remote locations synching to the cloud automatically when connectivity is restored.

Go Paperless

No more going from a paper field form on a clipboard to a laptop at the end of the night to type up reports for your managers. Capture the right data, and Visualogyx handles the rest. Visualogyx is digital and uses cloud-based technology that syncs all devices automatically.


Fits All Team Sizes and Structures

Visualogyx can be customized to fit organizations of all sizes with multiple teams with different users, templates, and projects. Team members can share templates, inspections, and reports, and users can be set up with different access permissions.

Design Custom Form Templates

With Visualogyx, you can capture evidence text and multimedia data as you go or use a predefined template. An intuitive template-builder allows you to create powerful custom forms to use as templates in your team. Once you have a template, you can reuse it as often as needed.


Organize Teams Around Projects

In Visualogyx, you can group multiple related inspections under project structures, ensuring that multiple project teams, processes, and facets work in sync.

Output To Branded PDF Reports

With Visualogyx, you can immediately create a report after an inspection with all completed form fields and pictures in a custom-branded PDF format and share it with third parties.

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Collaborate With Third-Party Teams

In Visualogyx, you can easily share PDF reports with text and multimedia data externally or invite third-party users to view and collaborate on your projects.

Work Offline Sync Later

You don’t need to be online when using Visualogyx. Data can be captured offline on the Visualogyx mobile app that automatically syncs all devices through the cloud when Internet connectivity is restored.


Schedule and Assign Tasks

The “Tasks” feature streamlines workflows by allowing users to schedule and assign critical operations such as inspections, work orders, maintenance tasks, and verifications. It’s an essential feature that keeps your team organized, ensuring routine inspections and complex audits are managed efficiently. This feature simplifies coordination, enhances productivity, and maintains smooth operations across your organization.

Take Your Inspections and Audits to the Next Level

Know Your

AI-powered inspection fraud detection

KYPiT, your KYP solution, is an AI layer atop a Visualogyx report that signals data accuracy and helps detect fraud. It analyzes 20+ unique product and process markers to create a tamper-resistant authentication layer for your inspections and audits. 

  • Image Authentication
  • Geolocation Validation
  • Third-party Inspector Verification
  • Web Footprint Integrity Check

Key Questions To Get You Started

Whether you need to gather verifiable evidence on the fly or perform complete inspections in compliance with your organization, Visualogyx is the tool for you. Here are some highlights of the power of Visualogyx:

  • Visualogyx uses the latest user experience design practices to provide an easy-to-use and powerful cloud-based digital data capture platform for inspections, audits, quality control, product traceability, evidence, and more.
  • Visualogyx allows you to create flexible and unlimited templates with its form designer so that you can do much more than a generic inspection.
  • You can easily configure data entry fields through text, number, multiple choice, and other types.  Use custom forms with text, audio notes, videos, images, bar codes, signatures, authorizations, and more.
  • You can generate and share paperless reports on the job online. You and your team are empowered to produce fast and accurate Reports with full traceability and real-time visibility.
  • You can capture relevant information from different sources worldwide, then organize and report with a single click. 
  • You can track your teams and projects
  • Your customers can get the whole experience of your brand. Personalize all your reports and interface them with your brand attributes
  • You can trace your product’s detailed history with Visualogyx KYPIT technology. This tamper-resistant image-based authentication platform indexes a product’s condition and chain of custody through time so you can operate on a single version of the truth.

Check us out by signing up here or contact us if you have any questions.

Yes! You can try our Professional plan out for free for 30 days. If our Professional plan doesn’t suit you, you can downgrade to your Free plan anytime before the trial ends, and you will not be charged.

If you are interested in becoming a customer and would like a full demo of the Visualogyx platform, please fill out the form here.

Yes,  if you need to build a form that needs to be filled out repetitively, Visualogyx is perfect for you. We have an intuitive design-builder you can use to create powerful custom forms that are stored in the cloud as Templates. You can use the same template repeatedly to run the same checklist, or validation process.