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Visualogyx API

Unlock the power of data integration with our proprietary API.

Why Use Our API?

Visualogyx offers secure access to a dedicated public API for customers seeking seamless integration with their internal systems and data analytics tools.

Integration With Enterprise Systems

Using our API, Development teams can seamlessly integrate their Visualogyx organizations with internal enterprise systems such as ERPs, CRMs, or proprietary databases, ensuring enterprise data visibility and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Custom Dashboards and Analytics Integration

Our API can be leveraged to build tailored dashboards to meet your specific KPI visibility requirements. Feed Visualogyx data into your preferred analytics tools, such as Metabase or PowerBI, for comprehensive insights and informed decision-making.

Development of Custom Applications

With our API, development teams can write custom applications and create unique business solutions that empower their teams with more visibility and become more productive.

How It Works

Sign Up

Sign up for a Visualogyx account and set up your organization.

Request Access

Contact us to request approval for access to the API.

Retrieve API Key

Generate your API key in the Visualogyx web application.

Integrate Your App

Use your API key to integrate your application.

Explore Our API Documentation

Get access to the full Visualogyx API reference documentation.