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Frequently Asked Questions

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At Visualogyx, we aim to make inspection data gathering and verification processes effortless and trustworthy. Visualogyx allows you to gather verifiable evidence on the fly or perform complete inspections in compliance with your operational and quality management standards. 

We believe that inspections and product validation processes nowadays should be paperless, stored in the cloud, digitally authenticated, and trustworthy, and reports should be generated and digitally shared onsite.

Visualogyx is a fast, simple, and accurate data capture and inspection management web and mobile tech solution used by teams across the globe. Visualogyx streamlines inspection data and media collection workflows for claims, verifications, work orders, provenance validations, and many more use cases in small and large companies.

Small and large businesses currently use Visualogyx in various industries and business use cases. Here are some use-case examples:

  • Logistics
    Tracking of product inventory, raw materials, and shipments
  • Manufacturing
    Product tracing and verification throughout the production process
  • Real Estate
    Custom form-based home inspections with onsite branded paperless reports
  • Vehicle Repair
    Custom form-based car inspections 
  • Quality Assurance Teams
    Evidentiary documentation of quality assurance processes with standard operations forms
  • Human Resources
    Safety Verification and incident documentation
  • General Construction
    Inspections in architecture, general construction, roofing, plumbing, electrical, wind mitigation, etc.


Contact us to answer any questions about how Visualogyx can help your use case.

Whether you work independently or in an organization with multiple teams and many users, Visualogyx can be customized to the structure of your organization. You can customize your workspace with multiple functional teams, sharing templates, projects, and inspections. Users can be setup with different access permissions.

If you are interested in becoming a customer and would like a full demo of the Visualogyx platform, please fill out the form here.

For general inquiries, please emails us at or go here for other contact forms.

Pricing Plans and Accounts

We have three pricing plans to fit all needs and organization sizes.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use data capture app or a powerful cloud-based digital inspection tool, our Free plan provides you with a single-user experience and limited functionality.

If you want a complete Visualogyx experience or need to organize your environment into multiple Teams with custom Inspection Templates and Projects, we recommend you try the Professional plan, which offers a 30-day free trial.

For enterprises looking for all the power of our Visualogyx platform and a tailored approach, please contact our team to design a custom solution for your organization.

For more information on Pricing Plans, please go here.

You can subscribe to Visualogyx online with any credit card. If you or your organization require different billing arrangements, contact us here.

Yes! You can try our Professional Plan for free for 30 days. If our Professional Plan doesn’t suit you, you can downgrade to the Free Plan. You can also request an upgrade to our Enterprise plan to experience all the advanced features of Visualogyx, a tailored approach with setup and onboarding led by a dedicated account manager, priority customer service, and staff training.

No, you can set up as many as you like during your trial, and you will not be charged during the 30 days. All users will have access to all Professional Plan features. You can keep adding or removing users from your organization for the trial period. The total number of registered users at the end of the trial period will determine your charges.

The owner and super admin in your Visualogyx organization pay for the subscription under a single monthly or annual billing statement.

For personalized plans or enterprise-level inquiries, please emails us at or go here for other contact options.

If you are a customer with a billing question, please get in touch with us here.


Whether you need to gather verifiable evidence on the fly or perform complete inspections in compliance with your organization, Visualogyx is the tool for you. Here are some highlights of the power of Visualogyx:

  • Visualogyx uses the latest user experience design practices to provide an easy-to-use and powerful cloud-based digital data capture platform for inspections, audits, quality control, product traceability, evidence, and more.
  • Visualogyx allows you to create flexible and unlimited templates with its form designer so that you can do much more than a generic inspection.
  • You can easily configure data entry fields through text, number, multiple choice, and other types.  Use custom forms with text, audio notes, videos, images, bar codes, signatures, authorizations, and more.
  • You can generate and share paperless reports on the job online. You and your team are empowered to produce fast and accurate Reports with full traceability and real-time visibility.
  • You can capture relevant information from different sources worldwide, then organize and report with a single click. 
  • You can track your teams and projects
  • Your customers can get the whole experience of your brand. Personalize all your reports and interface them with your brand attributes
  • You can trace your product’s detailed history with Visualogyx KYPIT technology. This tamper-resistant image-based authentication platform indexes a product’s condition and chain of custody through time so you can operate on a single version of the truth.


Check us out by signing up here or contact us if you have any questions.

In a business sense, an inspection is a close examination of a process that is typically carefully documented and stored away for future reference.

At Visualogyx, we think of an inspection in a broader sense as gathering and securely storing digital multimedia data to use at some point as evidence to tell a personal or business story.

Yes, templates in Visualogyx are custom-data-capture forms designed by users to run the same validation processes repetitively.

To create a template in Visualogyx, you use an intuitive template builder included in the app. You can select from text, video, restricted field, digital signature, voice dictation, drop-down, calendar, numeric, and many more data types to ensure the integrity of the data you capture on the template.

No, you don’t have to use a template. You can start a “free-form” inspection to capture data and document events, accidents, incidents, essential documents, notes, etc.

Visualogyx is very adaptable to your organizational structure. When you first create your Visualogyx account, you will be asked to give your Organization a name, the highest hierarchical level in the platform, and then add Teams to that Organization. An Organization in Visualogyx can contain multiple Teams. Teams in Visualogyx are groups of users that work together in the same area or department and share inspections and templates.

You can configure just one User in a single Team and Organization, or, depending on your pricing plan, you can create multiple Organizations and Teams with many Users per Team. 

KYPiT is a tamper-resistant image-based authentication technology developed by Visualogyx that analyzes traceability data to validate the provenance and identity of the product inspected.

You can log in to Visualogyx from any web browser on or by downloading our Android or iOS mobile app here:

Apple App Store

Yes, we do! We have Android and iOS Apple mobile apps. You can download them here:

Apple App Store

Yes! You can use the Visualogyx mobile app to complete an inspection offline, including all media pictures and files captured from your device, and then synch it to the Visualogyx cloud when you have an Internet connection.

Absolutely! We understand how important it is to generate professional paperless inspection or evidentiary verification reports. With Visualogyx, you can share branded reports with completed form fields and pictures in PDF format right on the job.

Yes, you can easily share PDF reports with text and multimedia data externally or invite third-party users to view and collaborate on your projects.

Yes, in Visualogyx, you can organize multiple related inspections under project structures, ensuring that numerous project teams, processes, and facets work in sync.

Public Templates are a collection of standardized templates for different industries and business functions available to all users in Visualogyx. They are created and shared by the Visualogyx team or other Visualogyx users and can be accessed by anyone using the app.

Public Templates can be imported into your Visualogyx work area and customized to suit your specific needs.

Using Public Templates in Visualogyx can save time and effort by providing a starting point for creating inspection checklists.

No, Public Templates are available for free to all users of Visualogyx.

First, sign up for a Visualogyx account. Once that’s done, request API access for approval. After approval, you can generate your API key from within the Visualogyx web application to start integrating.

The Visualogyx API is designed for robust functionality. It enables you to integrate Visualogyx data seamlessly with your enterprise’s systems, like ERPs and CRMs. You can also create custom dashboards to monitor KPIs and develop unique business applications tailored to your needs.

You can visit our API documentation at for comprehensive details and examples. It provides all the information you need for effective integration and usage.