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Instacount by Visualogyx™

Unlocking efficiency and accuracy in your counting tasks

Instacount at Work

Exploring Real-World Applications

Inventory Audits:

Retailers and warehouses can utilize Instacount during impromptu inventory audits. By leveraging the Visualogyx app's inspection capabilities, store employees can quickly and accurately count items on shelves, in storage rooms, on racks, or during spot checks. Instacount's AI algorithms enhance counting accuracy, reducing errors and providing real-time data for informed inventory management decisions.


Logistics and warehouse professionals can streamline operations by incorporating Instacount into structured inspections. As part of routine inspections, employees can use Instacount to accurately count incoming or outgoing shipments alongside other inspection data.

Manufacturing Quality Control

Instacount can be employed in manufacturing environments for quality control assessments. Inspectors can perform counts of products or components using the Visualogyx app. The flexibility of Instacount in inspection forms ensures that counting data is captured with predefined templates, facilitating efficient and reliable control processes.

Facility Maintenance and Equipment Checks

Facilities management teams can benefit from Instacount when conducting equipment checks and maintenance tasks. By integrating Instacount into structured inspections, maintenance personnel can efficiently count and record items like machinery parts, tools, or supplies. This data, combined with other inspection details, helps maintain accurate records, track equipment conditions, and plan maintenance activities effectively.

How to Access Instacount

Instacount is a feature of the Visualogyx inspection and audit management platform. You can access it in templated inspections or free-form inspections.

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