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Transforming Your Inspection Counting Tasks: The Power of Instacount by Visualogyx

Instacount by Visualogyx offers a reliable and convenient solution for businesses to manage inventory and conduct and perform counting tasks. With a smartphone's camera, users can effortlessly count objects in real-time, saving time, reducing errors, and optimizing resource allocation.


In today’s fast-paced world, accurate object counting plays a crucial role in various industries such as inventory management, quality control, and retail auditing. As the demand for efficient counting solutions continues to grow, Visualogyx introduces Instacount, a groundbreaking application that leverages AI algorithms to provide real-time object counting.

As companies strive to optimize their operations and improve productivity, they are turning to AI-driven technologies like object-counting systems to streamline processes and minimize human errors. For instance, in the retail sector, accurate inventory management is crucial for maintaining seamless supply chains and meeting customer demands. Retailers are increasingly adopting automated counting solutions to ensure precise stock levels, reduce stockouts, and prevent overstocking.  

Similarly, the manufacturing industry has also witnessed a growing need for accurate counting solutions to enhance quality control and production efficiency. For example, in the automotive sector, manufacturers rely on precise component counting during inventory assessments to maintain cost efficiency in assembly lines. Implementing AI-based object-counting systems in such manufacturing processes can show remarkable results.  

Understanding Instacount and Its Features  

Instacount, a revolutionary feature within the Visualogyx platform, is designed to address the growing demand for efficient and accurate object counting across various industries. Its primary purpose is to: 

  • Streamline the counting process
  • Increase speed
  • Ensure reliability
  • Provide a user-friendly experience

Whether conducting structured inspections or engaging in free-form counting tasks, Instacount proves to be a valuable tool for professionals seeking to optimize their operations and enhance productivity. 

In structured inspections, Instacount seamlessly integrates into the Visualogyx mobile app, allowing users to incorporate counting tasks as part of their inspection processes. This means that during inspections, where specific templates and guidelines are followed, Instacount efficiently handles object counting alongside other inspection data, such as photos, videos, text notes, audio notes, barcodes, and location information. This comprehensive integration ensures that critical counting data is captured accurately within the context of broader inspection reports, providing valuable insights for decision-making and process improvement.

The versatility of Instacount shines in free-form inspections, where no predefined templates are required. Professionals can leverage the Visualogyx app to perform ad-hoc counts, making it ideal for scenarios like impromptu inventory audits, retail spot checks, or quality control assessments. In these cases, Instacount enables users to capture counting data without rigid structures, offering flexibility and adaptability to unique counting requirements. 

The benefits of using Instacount are substantial and listed below:  

  • By leveraging AI algorithms, Instacount can enhance counting accuracy, reducing human errors that may occur during manual counting processes.  
  • The accuracy, coupled with real-time data capture, empowers businesses to make informed decisions promptly.  
  • Instacount’s integration within the Visualogyx platform ensures seamless data consolidation, simplifying report generation and analysis
  • With automation taking care of counting tasks, professionals can focus on other critical aspects of their jobs, optimizing overall efficiency and resource allocation. This time-saving feature also leads to increased productivity and, ultimately, improved business performance. 

Learn How to Use Instacount  

Traditionally, counting inventory would involve manual labor, where employees physically tally each item, a time-consuming and error-prone process.  

However, with the introduction of Instacount in the Visualogyx platform, your counting tasks can become much more efficient and accurate. 

  1. Download, install and open the Visualogyx mobile app.
  1. Create a free-form inspection and tap on the Instacount data-capture option.
  1. Point your smartphone’s camera to the shelves or pallets filled with products.
  1. Select an object shape.  
  1. The AI algorithms employed by Instacount will recognize the objects and count them in real-time.  

As you point the camera at the objects, Instacount continuously tallies them in real-time and provides an instant count report, detailing the quantity of each item present in the scanned area. Moreover, Instacount offers the convenient capability of manual intervention or additional input for error correction, ensuring utmost accuracy.

Instacount proves to be a game-changer for inventory management. The app’s ability to recognize and count objects in real time significantly reduces the time and effort required for inventory checks.  


Whether businesses need to manage inventory, conduct quality control assessments, or perform retail audits, Instacount offers a reliable and convenient solution that saves time, reduces errors, and optimizes resource allocation. 

We encourage all professionals seeking to streamline their counting tasks to experience the transformative power of Instacount. With just a smartphone’s camera, users can effortlessly count objects in real time, regardless of complexity or scale. The ability to incorporate counting seamlessly into structured inspections or engage in ad-hoc free-form counting tasks empowers users with unparalleled flexibility. 

Request a demo and join the growing number of businesses benefiting from Visualogyx’s remarkable technology.

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