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Streamline Transportation Operations with Logistics Management Software

From fleet management to safety inspections, Visualogyx offers comprehensive Logistics Management Software that helps you overcome transportation and logistical obstacles.

Optimize Your Logistics Operations

Visualogyx empowers logistics and transportation professionals with many benefits to help address the unique challenges of their industries.

Safety and Risk Management

Monitor safety protocols, implement proactive safety measures, and track corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) to reduce accidents and mitigate risks. 

Operational Efficiency and Cost Optimization

Acquire real-time data and analytics for better decision-making, optimize route planning, and identify critical areas for cost optimization.

Communication and Collaboration

Enhance communication and collaboration among drivers, dispatchers, and other stakeholders with enhanced visibility on logistics.

Fleet Maintenance and Inspections

Monitor vehicle upkeep, perform routine inspections to minimize downtime, improve operational efficiency, and optimize fleet performance with shipping logistics software.

Regulatory Compliance

Automate compliance checks, maintain digital documentation and generate customizable reports for your audits and inspections. 

Asset Tracking and Management

Enhance visibility into asset location, condition, and utilization. Implement efficient asset verifications and minimize losses or fraud.


Simplify Your Transportation Operations

Transform your fleet maintenance and inspection processes with Visualogyx’s cloud-based transportation dispatch software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Logistic management software is a digital solution designed to streamline and optimize various aspects of logistics operations within a business or organization. It typically includes features for managing inventory, transportation, warehousing, order fulfillment, and supply chain processes. The software helps businesses enhance efficiency, reduce costs, improve accuracy, and better manage their entire logistics ecosystem.

Logistics ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a specialized type of ERP system tailored specifically for the needs of logistics and supply chain management. It integrates various functions such as inventory management, procurement, transportation, order processing, and warehouse management into a single unified platform. Logistics ERP software provides businesses with real-time visibility and control over their entire supply chain, enabling them to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and improve overall efficiency.

SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing) offers several solutions for logistics management. One of the most widely used SAP modules for logistics is SAP ERP Logistics Execution (formerly known as SAP LE). SAP LE encompasses functionalities for managing inbound and outbound logistics processes, including transportation, warehouse management, and order fulfillment. Additionally, SAP offers other logistics-related modules such as SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) and SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM), which cater to specific logistics needs of businesses across various industries.