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A Single Version of the Truth

Inspections made easy & accurate for your enterprise processes, audits, verifications, collateral checks, work orders, provenance validation, and more.

A Single Version of the Truth

Inspections made easy & accurate for your enterprise processes, audits, verifications, collateral checks, work orders, provenance validation, and more.


Institutional Memory

Your firm's institutional memory is the collective data held within your organization. For most firms, that data is stored in a variety of locations. Visualogyx provides a platform to centralize version-controlled digital inspection records.


Digital Transformation

Eliminating paper workflows and centralizing data with Visualogyx can increase productivity, lower operational costs, improve customer experience, enhance transparency, and maintain your competitive advantage.


Know Your Product

KYPIT BETA ("Know Your Product"), is an A.I. layer that sits atop Visualogyx. KYPIT detects potential fraud, tampering, and unauthorized editing on Visualogyx reports. It analyzes traceability data and validates provenance and identity.

Enterprise-Level Inspections


Custom Dashboards

As an enterprise user, benefit from custom dashboards developed to track, analyze and display your data and gain insights into your overall team’s activity in Visualogyx.


Integrate Your Systems

We work closely to seamlessly connect Visualogyx data to your enterprise systems. Our API further extends these capabilities, allowing for custom dashboards, the development of unique applications, and unparalleled data visibility across your organization.


Configured to Your Organization

Visualogyx can be configured to best fit the needs of each team and job function in your organization. Teams can share templates, inspections, and reports, and users can be set up with different access permissions.


KYPiT - Know Your Product

KYPiT is a tamper-resistant image-based authentication report layer developed by the Visualogyx innovation team. It analyzes traceability data to validate the provenance and identity of your inspections and produces a report with the analysis results.

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Other Enterprise Features

As a Visualogyx enterprise-level customer, you will also benefit from the following features:

✓ API Access
✓ Exporting Reports to Excel
✓ Dedicated Relationship Manager
✓ Priority Customer Support
✓ Staff Training

Helping Enterprises
Improve Productivity

“We use Visualogyx for shipping inspections. We inspect empty containers, document the loading and cargo securing process, and include all documentation related to a container (Packing List, BOL, DO, etc.), to streamline our cargo dispatch process. We’ve moved thousands of containers this way, and it’s helped us avoid cargo damage and claims and also has helped us expedite the customs process. Our customers love seeing their products loaded from the origin and having all the data in a detailed report.”


Ron H.
Chief Operating Officer

Visualogyx™ is trusted by:

Industry-Proven Inspections Software

Reliable. Adaptable. Scalable.

Visualogyx works closely with enterprises of diverse operational and structural configurations to understand their specific business needs and product requirements. These partnerships have made Visualogyx reliable, adaptable, scalable, and a preferred solution for their validation processes and inspection operations.

Use Visualogyx to conduct site inspections, manage turnovers, verify maintenance, track improvements, and more.

Verify suppliers, manage inventory, digitalize quality assurance, track product transformation, document loading and dispatches.

Automate compliance checks, track adherence to quality standards, and generate reports for audits to maintain a high level of quality throughout.

Verify the condition, market value, legal status, and other essential collateral attributes through comprehensive checks and digitalized documentation.

Inspect trailers, railcars, and vessels to verify product integrity and ensure your customer receives the product in the same condition as when it left.

Move to digital inspection templates for construction site planning, progress tracking, quality control, safety, and compliance.

Eliminate paper workflows during the documentation of inspections, repairs, and routine maintenance cycles.

Monitor and ensure compliance with environmental regulations and safety standards. Conduct on-site inspections to verify adherence to safety protocols.

A Necessary Inspections Platform

For Multiple Functional Areas of Your Company


Quality Control

Visualogyx is used to capture data when checking, measuring, and/or testing one or more product or service characteristics during quality assurance inspections.


Risk Management and Credit Underwriting:

Visualogyx is leveraged by underwriters and risk managers to assess and mitigate potential financial risks. In underwriting, it streamlines the evaluation of applicants and their assets, while in risk management, it helps in identifying and controlling risks. Visualogyx supports data-driven insights for informed decisions, compliance and sound financial practices.



Visualogyx is designed to capture data to track and verify the process of coordinating and moving resources – people, materials, inventory, and equipment.



Visualogyx is used to capture data while performing on-site walkthroughs to identify potential hazards to occupants and personnel and options for remedial action.



Visualogyx is used to conduct inspections in manufacturing during the production process, which helps detect the sources of defects, improve productivity, and reduce defect rates, rework, and waste.


Machinery and Equipment

Visualogyx is used to inspect vehicles, machinery, and equipment in connection with safe operations and routine asset maintenance.


Human Resources

Visualogyx can help measure and improve the human factor in organizations by capturing data on the experience, skills, education, and training of the working force in organizations.



Visualogyx can help with the continuous examination of security systems and security personnel to determine compliance with security policies, procedures, and practices.


Incident Managment

Visualogyx is used to capture evidentiary data necessary to prove actions were taken by an organization to analyze, identify, and correct problems and prevent future incidents and claims.


Health Management

Health inspectors can use Visualogyx to ensure that the employees and the organizations follow the standard measures of safety and hygiene regulated by the state or local authorities.

Key Questions By Enterprise Clients

At Visualogyx, we aim to make inspection data gathering and verification processes effortless and trustworthy. Visualogyx allows you to gather verifiable evidence on the fly or perform complete inspections in compliance with your operational and quality management standards. 

We believe that inspections and product validation processes nowadays should be paperless, stored in the cloud, digitally authenticated, and trustworthy, and reports should be generated and digitally shared onsite.

Visualogyx was built for enterprises with enterprises. The platform can reliably support multiple organizations with multiple teams and users, sharing templates, projects, and inspections. Users can be set up with different access permissions depending on security levels and roles.

For enterprise-level inquiries, please emails us at or go here for more contact options.

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For general inquiries, please emails us at or go here for other contact forms.