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Visualogyx Unveils ‘Kypit’ the New Standard in Fraud Prevention for Enterprise Business Validations

Next-Generation Data Verification System Harnessing the Power of Metadata Cognition to Increase Transparency and Integrity.

MIAMI, FL / November 27, 2023 / At a time when accurate validation of data remains pivotal for diverse industries, Visualogyx, a Florida-based technology company focusing on sophisticated inspection and verification solutions, steps forward with its innovative tool, KYPIT. After successfully completing its beta stage, KYPIT is now available to enterprise clients of Visualogyx. Inspired by the established KYC (Know Your Customer) process used in financial services for identity verification and legal compliance to prevent fraud, KYPIT amplifies the technological landscape, emphasizing data validation and accuracy in business verifications, audits, and inspections. KYPIT pioneers the concept of KYP – “Know Your Product, Know Your Process, Know Your Partners, Know Your Provenance”.

KYPIT offers invaluable tools for industries including but not limited to: financial services, manufacturing, retail, distribution, trading, logistics, energy, engineering, construction, and more. It promises rigorous data inspections, process audits, verifications, collateral checks, work orders, provenance validations, and more, ensuring that organizations are anchored in truth and transparency.

KYPIT is an AI validation layer within Visualogyx’s inspection and verification processes. It examines metadata to create a secure layer for more reliable audits and inspections. Features include image authentication, geolocation validation, third-party inspector verification, and web footprint integrity checks. KYPIT counts over 24 data cross-checks and growing. Its ultimate benefit is to protect Visualogyx clients from fraud.

“We’re living in an age of digital transformation, where every piece of data holds immense power. With KYPIT, we’re addressing the pressing need for trust in data, helping businesses across sectors make decisions based on authentic, verified information,” states David Woldenberg, CEO of Visualogyx.

This innovation echoes Visualogyx’s mission statement, which is to “empower transparency, inspire integrity, and outsmart fraud.” Visualogyx, Verify then Trust™.

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