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Enhance Inspection Accuracy and Fraud Detection with Visualogyx’s KYPiT

KYPiT logic
Visualogyx's KYPiT feature revolutionizes inspections and audits with advanced authentication capabilities, ensuring trust, accuracy, and fraud detection. It analyzes images, verifies user identities, validates domains, and checks IP integrity for authentic and reliable inspection data. Organizations benefit from streamlined processes, informed decision-making, and mitigation of risks associated with fraudulent or unreliable data by choosing Visualogyx and leveraging KYPiT.


In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, ensuring the authenticity and reliability of inspection data is of paramount importance. 

The alarming reality is that fraud globally amounts to a staggering $4.7 trillion each year, as estimated by the ACFE. The impact on individual organizations is even more concerning. Corruption plagues 59% of manufacturers, while 26% of fraud cases involve deceitful billing scams. To make matters worse, more than 23% of cases involve the theft of valuable assets like inventory and equipment. These distressing statistics highlight the devastating financial implications and erosion of trust caused by such fraudulent activities within organizations. Businesses must prioritize strong fraud prevention measures to safeguard their assets and preserve their integrity in the face of these pervasive threats. 

Visualogyx, a leading inspection and data-gathering software company, has developed an innovative feature called KYPiT. This tamper-resistant image-based authentication platform revolutionizes the inspection and audit process by validating the provenance and identity of inspections. 

In this blog, we will explore the capabilities of KYPiT and its significance in various industries. By leveraging KYPiT, Visualogyx stands out from its competitors, providing customers with enhanced trust, accuracy, and fraud detection. 

Understanding KYPiTBETA 

Visualogyx’s state-of-the-art feature, KYPiT, brings a robust level of assurance to inspection processes, focusing on four essential areas: Image Attributes, User Credibility, Domain Verification, and IP Validation. KYPiT conducts a cross check of over 20 data sources.

In relation to Image Attributes, KYPiT scrutinizes the veracity of the visual data involved in the inspection process, ensuring the images truly reflect the inspected site or object and maintaining the originality of the visual data used.

For User Credibility, KYPiT confirms that the inspection is conducted authentically. This process enhances the overall integrity of the data collected and reduces the probability of unsanctioned inspections.

Domain Verification, another key function of KYPiT, checks the legitimacy of the domains associated with the inspection. It corroborates the active and reputable nature of these domains, minimizing the potential of deception.

Finally, IP Validation is taken into consideration. KYPiT upholds the integrity of inspection data by verifying the authenticity of the inspection’s origin.

KYPiT serves as a potent shield against counterfeit products and misrepresentation of data, and its applications span various sectors, such as manufacturing, construction, food safety, and financial auditing. By verifying the authenticity of inspection images, confirming the credibility of inspectors, and validating the reputation of associated domains, KYPiT enhances the overall reliability of the inspection process.

Visualogyx’s KYPiT feature heralds a new age of trust, accuracy, and fraud detection in the inspection process. By incorporating KYPiT into their operations, organizations can streamline their inspection procedures, boost their decision-making capabilities, and mitigate risks associated with unreliable data.

Practical Application of KYPiT  

The rise of counterfeit products poses a significant threat to manufacturers worldwide. This is where KYPiT, the cutting-edge tamper-resistant image-based authentication platform, comes to the rescue. Let’s explore a hypothetical example to understand how KYPiT can revolutionize manufacturing and quality control processes. 

Imagine a well-known electronics manufacturing company employing KYPiT to tackle the growing issue of counterfeit products. KYPiT assists the company in authenticating inspection images and verifying that the inspections are performed by authorized personnel. Additionally, it ensures all entities involved in the manufacturing process are legitimate, further enhancing the company’s trust in the inspection process.

Authenticating Product Inspection Images

With KYPiT, the company can validate the authenticity of the product inspection images captured during the quality control process. By analyzing the source, date, and location attributes of these images, KYPiT provides an indisputable record of each inspection. This ensures that only genuine and unaltered images are considered, eliminating any potential manipulation or misrepresentation. 

For example, during a routine quality control inspection of a batch of smartphones, the inspectors capture images of the product components, packaging, and labels using the Visualogyx mobile app. KYPiT analyzes these images, verifying that they were indeed taken using the authorized Visualogyx app and aligning with the inspection’s timestamp and location. Any signs of image tampering or manipulation are immediately flagged, allowing the company to identify and address potential issues swiftly. 

User Identity Verification: Ensuring Trustworthy Inspections 

The company understands the importance of trusted individuals conducting product inspections. By leveraging KYPiT’s user authentication capabilities, the company can verify that only authorized personnel with Visualogyx-verified phones perform the inspections. This adds an extra layer of trust and accountability to the quality control process. 

For instance, when an inspector conducts an inspection using the Visualogyx app, KYPiT validates the user’s phone number, ensuring it is verified by Visualogyx. Furthermore, KYPiT verifies that the phone’s location matches the designated inspection location. This stringent verification process guarantees that only authorized personnel with validated credentials carry out the inspections, minimizing the risk of unauthorized individuals compromising the quality control process. 

Domain Reputation Validation: Combating Counterfeit Products 

Counterfeit products often originate from illegitimate sources or unauthorized manufacturers. To mitigate this risk, KYPiT validates the reputation of the domains associated with the inspections. For the company, this means verifying that the domains referenced in the inspections belong to legitimate suppliers, authorized distributors, or trusted partners. 

For example, the company receives an inspection report that includes references to domains associated with component suppliers and manufacturing partners. KYPiT performs a thorough validation, ensuring that these domains are active, valid, and have a reputable history. This process safeguards against counterfeit components or unauthorized manufacturing, helping the company maintain the highest quality standards and protect its brand reputation. 

By utilizing KYPiT in its manufacturing and quality control processes, the company can bolster its product integrity, minimize the risk of counterfeit products entering the market, and enhance customer trust. With KYPiT’s tamper-resistant image authentication, user identity verification, and domain reputation validation, the company sets new benchmarks in manufacturing excellence while safeguarding its brand reputation and customer satisfaction. 

Usage of KYPiT Feature in Different Industries 

Building Trust and Ensuring Compliance, KYPiT’s advanced authentication capabilities find relevance in various industries where inspection and audit processes play a critical role. Let’s explore a few examples: 

Manufacturing and Quality Control: By validating the authenticity of product inspection images, ensuring user identity, and verifying domain reputation, KYPiT helps manufacturing companies maintain quality control and minimize the risk of counterfeit products. 

Construction and Infrastructure: KYPiT’s image analysis and IP verification features enhance the accuracy of site inspection data, providing construction companies with reliable evidence of project progress, compliance, and safety. 

Food Safety and Agriculture: In the food industry, KYPiT validates inspection images, user identity, and domain reputation, enabling authorities to ensure compliance with food safety regulations and prevent fraudulent practices. 

Insurance Auditing and Compliance: KYPiT’s comprehensive authentication process strengthens insurance auditing by validating evidential data. This feature helps detect fraudulent activities, providing insurance companies with reliable claim evidence. 


Trust, Accuracy, and Fraud Detection with Visualogyx’s KYPiT feature brings a new level of trust, accuracy, and fraud detection to the inspection and audit process. 

By analyzing images, verifying user identity, validating domains, and checking IP integrity, KYPiT ensures the authenticity and reliability of inspection data across multiple industries.  

By choosing Visualogyx and leveraging KYPiT, organizations can streamline their inspection validation processes, enhance decision-making, and mitigate risks associated with fraudulent or unreliable data. 

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