No more counting things

Point your camera at objects to quickly count and report on your inventory. Using Visualogyx, you can use the camera of your smartphone to reduce time spent counting things. It is as simple as point and shoot. Export your counts to other systems with just a tap.

Audit Trail

Geotagged, timestamped, watermarked evidence at every point in your supply chain. Visualogyx makes it easy to follow product and process chain of custody by simply reviewing reports which answer who, what, where and when for every element you see or hear.


Collaborate with a click

Share to your existing networks in Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. A few taps is all it takes to export elements of your evidence library to your social teams. You can continue sharing as you used to, powered by tamper resistant enrichment from Visualogyx.

KYPIT │ Product Passport

Unique identifiers from workflow, trade flows and product journey are the best ways to ascertain product identity.

KYPIT Passport layers powerful provenance analytics with traditional product quality and commercial documents to confirm the product is really what it’s supposed to be, from where it is meant to be.

AI in your hands

Combined computer vision and machine learning you can use today. Visualogyx brings advanced artificial intelligence to you on the go or at the office. Best of all, you don’t need to be connected to the internet to leverage computer vision capabilities.