We offer instant desktop and mobile reports which give you control, while minimizing process friction and accelerating information flow.


Use Visualogyx for Personal or Business evidence

Our document templates allow you to organize all your personal documents in one place.

Paperwork powers life and we organize it so you don’t have to. Choose from a range of predefined templates for your Personal, Financial, Medical, Home, Vehicle, Taxes, Education and other needs.

We use top-grade standards and measures such as AES 256 Encryption, PBKDF2 functions, RSA 2048 Asymmetric Encryption to secure your data.

Our workflow based platform allows you to capture, recognize and report in real-time, allowing teams to collaborate irrespective of distance.

The built in capabilities allows Trusted, Known and Unknown data sources to interact in a single platform.

By converging metadata, input data and identity into each data set, you are able to create smart reports with drill down capabilities.