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Inspection app made easy & accurate for your audits, verifications, collateral checks, work orders, provenance validation, Quality Control, and more.

Web browser, iOS , and Android support


Your Inspections. Without the Headache.

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Inspections app made easy & accurate for your enterprise processes, audits, verifications, collateral checks, work orders, provenance validation, and more.

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Visualogyx™ Customers

Starters. Professionals. Enterprises.

Seamless For Starters

For users looking to start with an intuitive and powerful digital data capture, evidence-gathering, and validation platform.

Perfect for:

accident data capture
inspector windmill

Robust for Professionals

For businesses looking for a versatile digital inspection, validation, and quality assurance platform to improve productivity and efficiency.

Perfect for:

Bespoke for Enterprises

Bespoke enterprise solutions with custom integrations, staff training, and priority support.

Perfect for:

inspector oil field

Digitize Your Inspections

Design. Capture. Share.

STEP 1: Customize Inspection & Audit Templates

Create templates and version-controlled forms with:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Image & Video
  • Digital Signatures
  • Voice Dictation
  • Drop-Downs
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Location Check-In
  • And more…
apple monitor with Visualogyx web app
apple monitor with Visualogyx web app
App on mobile held by hand
App on mobile held by hand

STEP 2: Collect Evidence

Populate your custom templates with multi-media evidence captured in the field. All stored and secured directly to your cloud. 

STEP 3: Share Inspection Reports

After your inspection is completed, generate and share branded reports with captured data and media in PDF format.

inspection report on planet
inspection report on planet

STEP 4: Scale Up and Build Institutional Memory

With Visualogyx, all your field data is securely stored and organized in one central cloud location. Gone are the days of sifting through scattered records. When you need evidence or specific data, especially during critical incidents, it’s readily accessible, just a few clicks away in the cloud.

Inspection Fraud Detection

KYPiT analytics report
KYPiT analytics report

Learn about KYPiT, an AI layer designed to root out misinformation. KYPiT has verification features that result in actionable reports to asses risk, ascertain provenance, check collateral, validate product integrity, and detect man-in-the-middle tampering.

Simple. Reliable. Powerful.

Suite of tools by Visualogyx
Suite of tools by Visualogyx

Frequently Asked Questions

At Visualogyx, we aim to make inspection data gathering and verification processes effortless and trustworthy. Visualogyx allows you to gather verifiable evidence on the fly or perform complete inspections in compliance with your operational and quality management standards. 

We believe that inspections and product validation processes nowadays should be paperless, stored in the cloud, digitally authenticated, and trustworthy, and reports should be generated and digitally shared onsite.

Whether you need to gather verifiable evidence on the fly or perform complete inspections in compliance with your organization, Visualogyx is the tool for you. Here are some highlights of the power of Visualogyx:

  • Visualogyx uses the latest user experience design practices to provide an easy-to-use and powerful cloud-based digital data capture platform for inspections, audits, quality control, product traceability, evidence, and more.
  • Visualogyx allows you to create flexible and unlimited templates with its form designer so that you can do much more than a generic inspection.
  • You can easily configure data entry fields through text, number, multiple choice, and other types.  Use custom forms with text, audio notes, videos, images, bar codes, signatures, authorizations, and more.
  • You can generate and share paperless reports on the job online. You and your team are empowered to produce fast and accurate Reports with full traceability and real-time visibility.
  • You can capture relevant information from different sources worldwide, then organize and report with a single click. 
  • You can track your teams and projects
  • Your customers can get the whole experience of your brand. Personalize all your reports and interface them with your brand attributes
  • You can trace your product’s detailed history with Visualogyx KYPIT technology. This tamper-resistant image-based authentication platform indexes a product’s condition and chain of custody through time so you can operate on a single version of the truth.

Check us out by signing up here or contact us if you have any questions.

Whether you work independently or in an organization with multiple teams and many users, Visualogyx can be customized to the structure of your organization. You can customize your workspace with multiple functional teams, sharing templates, projects, and inspections. Users can be setup with different access permissions.

Yes! You can try our Professional plan out for free for 30 days. If our Professional plan doesn’t suit you, you can downgrade to your Free plan anytime before the trial ends, and you will not be charged.

For more information on Pricing Plans, please go here.

Yes,  if you need to build a form that needs to be filled out repetitively, Visualogyx is perfect for you. We have an intuitive design-builder you can use to create powerful custom forms stored in the cloud as Templates. You can use the same template repeatedly to run the same checklist, or validation process.