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On Leveraging Technology: Introducing Visualogyx for Enhanced Collateral Verification

In the modern landscape of asset-based lending, leveraging advanced technology is paramount to combat collateral fraud effectively. One such cutting-edge solution is Visualogyx, a powerful platform that offers robust verification features to strengthen your collateral assessment process.

Visualogyx’s innovative technology harnesses the power of its KYPiT (Know Your Product in Time) feature to dispatch trusted verifiers to assess the location, condition, and identity of collateral assets. This revolutionary capability enhances the accuracy and reliability of collateral verification, providing lenders with an additional layer of confidence in the lending process.

Here’s how Visualogyx’s KYPiT feature can bolster your collateral verification efforts:

  1. Dispatch Trusted Verifiers:
    Visualogyx allows lenders to dispatch trusted verifiers to physically inspect and verify the location and condition of collateral assets. These verifiers can be individuals with expertise in specific asset classes or professionals associated with the lending institution. Their on-the-ground assessment provides valuable real-time information, reducing the risk of fraudulent collateral representations.

  1. Verified Location and Condition:
    By capturing geo-tagged and time-stamped photos of collateral assets, Visualogyx ensures that the assets are physically present at the reported location during the verification process. This feature eliminates the possibility of borrowers misrepresenting the location of assets or providing outdated photos. Verifiers can also document the condition of the assets, providing lenders with accurate and up-to-date information.

  1. Verifier Identification:
    Visualogyx’s KYPiT feature ensures verifiers’ identities are securely captured, creating a traceable audit trail. This feature adds an extra layer of accountability and deters potential collusion between borrowers and unscrupulous verifiers. With verified verifier identities, lenders can have confidence in the integrity of the verification process.

By incorporating Visualogyx’s advanced technology into your collateral verification procedures, you can bolster your institution’s defenses against collateral fraud. The platform’s KYPiT feature empowers lenders with verified location and condition information, alongside the added assurance of verifier identification.

Remember, as technology continues to evolve, it is essential to explore and adopt innovative solutions like Visualogyx to stay ahead in the fight against collateral fraud. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, financial institutions can safeguard their investments, protect borrowers, and maintain the trust and integrity of the asset-based lending ecosystem.

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About The Author
Jorge Woldenberg is co-founder and Chairman of Visualogyx, Inc., and has over 35 years of operational experience in international trade. He serves in the Global Advisory Council of the Wilson Center and as Chair of the Woldenberg initiative of Building Trust in Supply Chains. His expertise has led him to present as a panelist for leadership and strategy conferences for financial institutions as well as for think tanks.
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