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Equipment Machine Maintenance Platform

Visualogyx transforms machine maintenance with precise inspections for optimal performance and safety compliance. Streamline your processes, ensuring equipment longevity and reliability.

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Cloud-Based Machine Equipment Maintenance Platform for Professionals and Industry Leaders

Digitize Your Equipment Inspections

Design. Capture. Share.

STEP 1: Customize Inspection & Audit Templates

Create templates and version-controlled forms with:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Image & Video
  • Digital Signatures
  • Voice Dictation
  • Drop-Downs
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Location Check-In
  • And more…
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STEP 2: Collect Evidence

Populate your custom templates with multi-media evidence captured in the field. All stored and secured directly to your cloud. 

STEP 3: Share Inspection Reports

After your inspection is completed, generate and share branded reports with captured data and media in PDF format.

inspection report on planet

STEP 4: Scale Up and Build Institutional Memory

With Visualogyx, all your field data is securely stored and organized in one central cloud location. Gone are the days of sifting through scattered records. When you need evidence or specific data, especially during critical incidents, it’s readily accessible, just a few clicks away in the cloud.

Unify Your Data For

Smarter Business Decisions


Digitize Custom Reports

Create tailored reports with ease, leveraging Visualogyx's drag and drop report generator to capture illustrative data.


Integrations & Analytics

Simplify your data capture and reporting workflows by integrating your tools seamlessly through our public API.


Centralize Institutional Memory

Maintain your operational data, records and analytics in one secure location, making data retrieval fast and reliable.